How To Install Your Replacement Doorglass


Transform Your Entry Door

With a partner and some common tools, you can transform your entry door with a new glass insert in a couple of hours. Whether you’re replacing cracked glass, refreshing the look of your entry door, or improving the function of your home, doorglass replacement with ODL is surprisingly simple for beginner and seasoned DIYers alike!

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Let's Get Ready: What You'll Need

Replacing your doorglass isn't a complex task, but we suggest you thoroughly review our installation instructions, how-to videos and  FAQs to familiarize yourself with the process to achieve the best results. Once you purchase the correct size doorglass, let's make sure you have all your tools and supplies ready before you begin:

Safety Gloves

Safety Glasses

Drywall Screw (size optional)

Power Screwdriver with Phillips Head Bit

Putty Knife

Window Cleaner

Tape Measure


Painter's Tape

Partner to Help

Drop Cloth (or you may repurpose the cardboard carton your ODL doorglass was packaged in)

Glass inserts are heavy and can be awkward to maneuver. Take your time removing and inserting the doorglass, and set the glass down gently. We recommend wearing gloves and safety glasses to reduce the risk of injury, just in case either glass insert cracks or breaks.

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How To Videos

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Find ODL Replacement Doorglass Near You

ODL replacement doorglass inserts are available at major hardware retailers and online.